Saturday, January 02, 2010

day 15 or 16???

Such is the dilemma when the child is born soooo close to midnight. 14 mins shy, to be exact.

Oh.. guess I forgot something...

I'm now a mother!!! hurrah!

17th December 2009 @ 2346hrs, my son, Hadi Sufi Bin Hirman, was born, after more than 7hrs of labour.

Not to worry, I'm not gonna delve into my birthing story here so guys don't need to shy away. All I can say is.. yeah.. through VAGINAL birth.

Anyway, that night also coincide with the New Year of the Islamic Hijrah calendar, 1 Muharram 1431.

Need to add something here. Do you know that the last time I ever held an infant was soooo long ago that I can't recall exactly when. Maybe it was my cousin's kid and that girl is now a teenager.

I don't know why I've always shied away from holding an infant. My parents used to tease me, whenever we visit someone who's just had a newborn, by (almost) forcing me to hold one. The most embarrassing moment must be the time when I just got married and was paying my uncle a visit and my hubby took to the newborn girl that my aunt was babysitting.

The best part was that she peed so much it trickled out, down my hubby's arms. I just watched and giggled, and it did not even cross my mind to take the infant from him while he get cleaned up. Because, well - I don't carry infants, remember?

Needless to say, I somewhat got reprimanded by the hubby after that.

Guess it's safe to say that my own son is the first infant I've held in the longest time. I admit that it had been awkward initially, especially in the hospital when they wheeled the baby in before visiting hours and I'm left to handle the kid on my own.

But all's well now. I can even hold him in one hand and make formula in the other!

Such is the beauty of motherhood. Maternal instincts rock big-time!

I salute all the mothers who do total breastfeeding. Cos' my baby can breastfeed for almost 2 hours and still want more. He sure is a guzzler. My hungry monster.

Ok.. baby crying. Gotta go!

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