Tuesday, December 15, 2009

that 'premium' burger from BK

... looked so dismal!

BK's premium Angus Beef Steakhouse burger

I was already told that it's wasn't a slab of steak between those buns so my expectations have been lowered.

But.. but... surely it could have tasted better??!

A1 steaksauce... my foot, ah! I mean, the BBQ Turkey Bacon tastes more robust than this supposed 'steakhouse' burger!

I expect the burger patty to at least be as big as that for the Whooper. Well, I'm referring to what was portrayed on their promo poster...

My meat patty obviously didn't go beyond the perimeter of that corn-dusted bun!

And is that bun getting to be a trend?? McD uses it for their current promo - the Teppanyaki Burger (albeit of different shape).

Gah! So disappointed!

Trust me to pin high hopes on promos from a fast food outlet. I just never learn my lesson!


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