Tuesday, December 01, 2009

McD's Grilled Chicken Teppanyaki Burger

I went into McD, intending to buy their apple pie. Armed with a $1 coin, I approached the counter.

That's when I saw their new offering/promotion, the Grilled Chicken Teppanyaki Burger. I don't know what came to my mind right then but I replaced the $1 coin with a $5 note (it cost a hefty $4.30!!) and bought one of that.

The box had a picture from the new James Cameron movie, 'AVATAR'. I don't know if the movie had a Japanese theme or something, to be associated with a teppanyaki burger.

the packaging

**warning: the next couple of pics aren't really appetizing. showing show food from a fast-food joint in its true form. don't believe their promotional posters!

partial view

I've always been a fan of these corn-dusted buns, irregardless of which fast-food joint serve them.

the reveal

Just look at the dismal-looking splotches of black pepper mayo! The slab of chicken-thigh meat was surprisingly big (fits the bun nicely) and of decent thickness.

And I'm surprised to see the generous amount of lettuce inside here.


Ok, here's the funny part. I had misread 'Teppanyaki' to be 'Teriyaki'. I LOVE anything Teriyaki; especially chicken so that must have been why I was willing to grab this one here, on a whim. Yes, I was a little disappointed.

But when you say 'Teppanyaki', one immediately think of garlic but I hardly taste that here. Hmmmm...

Well, they sure add a lot of those coarse-grained black pepper (looked similar to the one we get for breakfast) in that mayo. The chicken was tender and seemed to have been marinated in this light-tasting sauce.

Nothing special, really. Just chicken meat, black pepper mayo and lettuce with corn-dusted buns for a hefty $4.30?? I don't think it's worth it, despite it tasting pretty decent.

I eventually figured out the reason behind that 'decent' taste. The extreme thirst prior to eating that explained it. Must be the sauce that the chicken is marinated with.... pfft!

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