Saturday, September 04, 2004

Watched this yest..Been a long time since I last watched a movie at Century..(do you know you can't access Century from that crappy Shaw website? Sheesh...)
Anyway, the movie...Kinda' freak me out. Lust like how Blair Witch Project touched our 'fear' nerve of being in an unknown place packed with hidden stories...Open Water works the same way. Except that this time it touches on our fear of being an open ocean. The presence of the sharks (yes, there's quite a number..) doesn't help, either. There are a few times when I squirm in my seat whenever a shark(or two) got near. How hapless they seem when all you see is nothing but sea gulls, the sky and the horizon.
Some funny moments, too. When they kinda' lost it and had an argument...Let's see..Pardon me if my quote isn't that accurate. "...I can't believe we are here. And you know what? We actually paid for this! .....We want a vacation with an ocean view. We sure got it!..." And towards the end of the argument..the wife add "...I actually want to go skiing..."

I give it 8/10 Cos' it manage to touch my inner fears..Hit a raw nerve, there. If you wanna drama, this film's not for you. As a fan of art house films, this film is pretty all right. The ending? A dismal for some but to me, it doesn't come as a surprise.

Reviews courtesy of Rotten Tomatoes. (again)
"In a less media-frenzied world, this small movie would find some admirers at art house theaters. As it is, Open Water nearly sinks beneath the hype that surrounds it. "

After all this, give me ten reasons why I should even plan for my next diving trip...???

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