Saturday, September 18, 2004

I actually watched the Linkin Park-Live in Texas on Ch 5 yesterday (I bet my bro must be snickering away rite' now..)

I actually sorta 'swore-off' their music when they released the 'Reanimation' album. Big disappointment, I'd say.

I actually tolerated the turn-table riff-raffs in the first album cos' I tot their music is different..their lyrics, powerful. I'm one of those who joined their fan club online..Logging on everyday to keep myself updated in the message boards...Gang up with fellow S.E. Asian fans to bug them to come down to our region...Became ecstatic when I got LP merchandise on my b'dae.... And my bro supported me in my idolising them cos' it's the first band that I like independently i.e. I'm finally liking a band that he dun' really fancy.

And then they released THAT album.

I went down to HMV to sample the music (since they make such a big hoo-hah of it online..not to mention the various collaborations...) and I was like.."what the #@%$ ???" It was so hip-hoppy and turn-table of the major kind! Eeuuurgh! It sounded sooo....Zouk! So X-ecutioners..BIG TIME!
Coming to their latest Meteora album, my interesed has totally waned off (dun' even mention THAT song, Breaking The Habit)... I even gave their concert at The Padang a miss.
Yet, when the concert on tv came on yesterday, I actually sang to every one of their songs..Yep..including those from the Meteora album. First time I heard Chester sang life, he actually suck (from Ozzfest '99, I think). Now, he's good. Maybe practice make perfect, that's why.
Almost nostalgic, hearing back the songs from the Hybrid Theory album..Sigh...

In fact, the CD is on while I'm typing this...

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