Tuesday, September 14, 2004

Been a long time since I surf the Net for real (gotta make my unlimited Broadband subscription worth it..)
I happened to stumble on this TV show on Channel i on Thursday 9 Sept 2004 while channel surfing during dinner (this occurs only when I come back late after work & had to eat alone..*Sigh...)
Aniwae, one of the topics in this supposed documentary is about blogging and they highlight 2 S'porean bloggers who have some of the most visited blogs. Both coming from diverse backgrounds; they discussed the outcomes of their various styles of blogging during the show.

Mr Brown is a very effervescent & whimsical blog and Mr Brown Town seemingly sees his surroundings in a light-hearted, almost comical manner. However, put aside the liveliness and you'll see that he's discussing current affairs, local issues. Interesting.
Check out his entry called, "London Tube announcements." It's hilarious!

Xiaxue, meanwhile has a more direct approach which may come as pretty blunt, even overboard to some. She took it all in her stride and continued with what she does best. Give honest/frank opinions of what she sees around her. From her words, I know she's a smart girl(that's how she can analyse her surroundings) and some of her entries are pretty comical. Read the entry dated on: Tuesday, September 07, 2004 - "Are the females in Singapore all ugly, or what?" Had a great laugh reading that 'un.

Oh, she has decided to give more of her intellectual self in her new blog, Xiaxue The Geek. Check out her book reviews of Animal Farm & 1984. Bombastical!

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