Saturday, September 25, 2004

Watched this on DVD days back. Pardon my failure to catch up..Now I know why some ppl go crazy about Mini Coopers during the time this movie is being screened..Hmmm...(I know...i know..some of you must be screaming.."slowwww!!!")

The story, fwahh...Cool. All these stories bout' heists (a.k.a. well planned robberies) never failed to fascinate me. Not to mention high speed car chases..(what's more the cars look soooo cuuuteeee!!!)
There's Mark Wahlberg as Charlie Crocker a.k.a the mastermind
Charlize Theron(a beauty) as Stella Bridger a.k.a the safecracker
Edward Norton (Mr Funny Voice) as Steve Frezelli a.k.a. the thief/murderer
And many others who make up the team of good guys i.e: the explosives expert, the hacker & the driver.

I give it....
8/10 Mark Wahlberg, despite being named the lead had minimal character exposure. He may appear on screen but u can hardly feel his presence amongst the other guys who create the funny antics & remarks and more action. Charlize's 'cool' demeanor wowed me over. Her posture, speech...Ice princess(her character) at her best.

What did the critics say at Rotten Tomatoes ???
"Not only is this new Job a generally better movie than the 1969 caper, it moves through the paces with a light, confident grace very much its own."
--Robert Koehler,

Trivia: Do you know that before the movie, the cast have to go thru' advanced driving lessons in preparation for their roles? Guess who came out as best student?
It's Charlize, baby. She surprised even the instructors. Mark Wahlberg??? He puked the first time the intense driving is done, no thanks to a heavy meal, I guess.

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