Tuesday, September 14, 2004

I keep changing fonts till' I feel like I'm the un' going bonkers. Maybe I should change the skin altogether but lazy, lah. I'd rather improvise on the current un' until there comes a day when I am so damn free (whenever that will be..)

Why is it that I'm so free now? Well...
one - my grandma has gone back to her home. Not that I mind her at my home but I kinda miss this comp. When I am free to use it, she's already asleep at my room..Dun' wanna disturb her...So, go figure.
two - I've taken the day off...Why?
three - Cos' I went shopping at J.B. with me bro! Heh.

Busted a few hundred but at least I'm satisfied..That has gotta do with the fact that it's a blardee weekday today and everywhere it's way far from being crowded. I can run from one end of the shopping centre to another w/o crashing into anyone. Frreeeeedoooommm! *I hate crowds*

Think I may do this more often. Maybe further north. K.L??? When everybody is rushing back and forth with their daily routine...There I am, breezing in from 1 shop to another, taking my own sweet time...pondering..deciding...pondering..(hey, I'm flicker-minded..) Then hop into another cab and proceed to the next shopping centre.

*Ark! This is the ultimate step to financial disaster!!! No crowd means more freedom, meaning that a happier me will wanna spend more. Noooo!!!! Ok, that's it. Scrap that plan. Scrap it!!!

Sheesh..To think that I'm finally planning something good for myself (or so I tot')...Hmmpf!

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