Tuesday, September 21, 2004

I dunno if it's because it's been a loooong time since I last read a 'real' book but I'm going goo-gaga over this 'un.

Leaving Eden by Ann D. LeClaire

It's a very simple story, really..ala Judy Blume's pre-pubscent tween girls kinda' books but there's more to it than meets the eye. This is the kinda' book that makes me want to analyse each and every line, like how literature students had been forced to do back in seconday school.

Set in the picturesque suburbs back in the late 80s/early 90s, the storyline is set simply yet will subtly reveal surprises that are so pleasing, they come no more like a gentle breeze on the cheeks. The twists, you hardly realize them as they blend into every happenings in the story. Every moment is like a slight touch..similar to that of butterfly kisses (oh gosh, I swear it's not me but a reincarnate of the author in me typing... Yikes!)....

There's so much I learnt in this book. Trust, beliefs, dreams, friendship, mother-daughter relationships, growing up, being independent, love and most importantly, life itself. Maybe it helps that the lead character took notes of things that can help her remember her mom which eventually turned the book into a guidebook somewhat of she could have learnt (but never had) from her late mom about what she will go thru' eventually in life (like in the songs, Que Sera Sera/Buses & Trains).

Here are some points to help you go by:
*A person's as big as her dreams
*It takes more than an accident of blood to make one a family
*Wanting is a powerful thing
*Take care not to let others push their dreams on you
*Everyone has a need to feel needed
*It's the things that we're denied that we want the most
*It's hard to figure out what will kill you & what will will cure you & how to know the difference
*Like most things in life, driving isn't hard once you get the knack of it. Getting the knack is the hard part.
*Why are we given a thing so beautiful that it can make you ache and then take it away?
*Why can't it be that things that were so perfect & true stayed that way? Why couldn't the good ever stay?
*Always say goodbye when you have the chance. Regret is a pitiful thing.
*Being around death makes you hunger for life
*Magical things rise out of unlikely beginnings
*Losing your head causes bad problems to get worse
*It is a mighty & terrible possiblity that a person can do great harm with the least intention
*Sometimes forgiveness doesn't have to be earned
*A person's job in life is to find & follow her own dreams

~~~And the story ends with this last line...~~~

*The Queen if Cures is Love

Tell you what. Why dun' you select you favourite line(s) and put them in the comments & give your remarks as to why that is your favourite(s). I'm curious...
Similarly, if you can't figure out what a certain line(s) means, I'll be glad to be of help... *Ciao!

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