Friday, September 10, 2004

Shucks, man. The sombre-looking pic of the late Brandon Lee as The Crow(my fave movie!!) can't be accessed! I think the webmaster blacklisted me cos' I use the pic w/o permission..but hey I dun see anything bout' copyright....Sigh, I lurve that pic.... Hmmpf!

Watched "Dia" on Suria yesterday. My cousin told me it's gonna be the last ep. just because the increased the showtime by 1/2 hour(supposedly a grand finale...). I even asked my bro to come back early to send me mum just so I can watch it all the way till' 11pm. Turns out there's more eps. to come. I know because the plot is now at its thickest (and the fact that my Indonesian cousin watched it before...) I actually grew lotsa' hatred for that crazy bitch Fifi.
Kudos to her(the actual actress), man. Her acting's so damn bloody convincing that I actually felt that way bout' her character. That white face with the ridiculously pink lipstick...With everytime she enlarged her eyes as she seethed with anger..Threatening the sickly Dwi and killing Ivan's mother...So blardee conniving. Hate her..hate her...

Looking at Lulu Tobing(Dia) I'm so envious of how she looked. In fact, I onli like Indonesian celebs who dun possess the Pan-Asian/Indian/Arab looks that is so worshipped by most. Adore the looks of Gunawan, Teuku Ryan, Lulu Tobing, Maudy Koesnadi..etc It's just sooo...wholesome...sooo..natural..Duh!

Watching the teeny-bopper movie,"The Cinderella Story" later(midnite' show) at Cathay.

Guess you'll be seeing a review of that movie tomorrow-that is, if I can find the time to update in between waking up and getting ready for another movie in the afternoon(after the midnite' movie, what makes you think I can wake up early??)...And another review of whatever movie I'm watching tomorrow, perhaps on Sunday. Perhaps.

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