Sunday, September 12, 2004

How cheesy..."Cinderella" & "Prince Charming"... Dancing in a pavilion full of candles & flowers. Awww...

Watched A Cinderella story - 2350 show at Cineleisure on Friday nite'/Saturday morn. Yep, in the wee hours of Sept 11, I watched a romantic teen movie.
I can't believe I'm saying this, but that movie is entertaining. A diner, a vain stepmom, blur-block step-sisters(that never seem to be able to get along), a nerdy best pal, a diner manager with an attitude, a football jock(with brains to boot), handphones(think..SMS), computers(howwabout' chatrooms)..Voila! You got yourself the ultimate recipe for a modern-day Cinderella. Not bad...

6.5/10 It's entertaining enough...I like her converse shoes. Other than the pink one.

Here's what critics gotta say at Rotten-Tomatoes
"The sort of entertainment that makes you happy to be grown up and able to avoid the current onslaught of trite, lazy, unimaginative films aimed at tween-agers."
-- Connie Ogle, MIAMI HERALD

Ermm...Not much good reviews..actually..But I like the next review.

"....Remarkably, Duff is not annoying."
-- Willie Waffle, WAFFLEMOVIES.COM

Ha ha. That's a good one!

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