Sunday, September 19, 2004

Check out the 'Spider-boys' in Yamakasi...

Yar..Yar...I know. First it's A Cinderella Story.. Now it's Dodgeball... What's next? Seriously, I dunno. Maybe I'll finally get back to my old movie self when the foreign film festival comes again to Singapore...Or when Cathay decides to bring in more watch-worthy art-house films (whenever all that is).

Which reminds me that I forgot to watch one of the most popular, yet decent French film ever! Les Choiristes...Aaargh! How can I forget..? And it got such rave reviews...Ish!

Oh..And The Great Challenge(Fils du vent, Les). Another great action film. Those who caught Luc Besson's Yamakasi gotta catch this 'un. Like some kinda' sequel, I think. For this, you can forget about plot, dramas or dialogues. Even the director claimed that the ratio of action to dialogues is like...A wholesome 5:1..!

Trivia: Do you know that Yamakasi is actually inspired by true happenings about innovative street kids from the poorer suburbs of Paris who actually climb buildings as a supposedly unique form of entertainment..? Cool, isn't it..?

But don't you ever dare of doing the same in Singapore (despite us having lotsa' climb-worthy buildings) lest you wanna risk spending time behind bars...

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