Friday, September 17, 2004

Just what is the date that Chinese New Year falls on next year??? Planning for holidays is always a hassle, esp. when it's either u or no one else. I'm never an 'organising' sorta person, aniwae...
First things first...Where to go??? It's the blardee monsoon season during that period and I'm really running outta ideas as a possible location that can fit my criteria...

Here's the list..(Not in the order of any importance whatsoever, cos' I have not idea YET what to prioritise..)
~stick to my budget < SG$500
~beach area...islands, maybe??
~snorkelling..? at least some nice (and safe) sea sport...Preferably scuba diving available
~no backpackers hotels...maybe a cheap hotel but backpackers hotels can be quite a nightmare...oh.... and as close as possible to the sea.
~relaxing..last place I need to relax in is a bustling city area with heavy traffic, grimy streets and..*urgh...! noise
~shopping not important (or so I thought...we'll see later)
~easy journey to the specified destination
~let the place not be haunted (what the...?!)Last thing I need is a strange encounter to aid me in my relaxation
~no doubts bout' the & 'halal'

*Everybody, let's welcome....Every travel agents' nightmare...!*

Look, I may sound like some spoilt bitch here, trying to get a good bargain to go with all sorta' requirements but I currently have no idea whatsoever as to the actual holiday plans. This is just the 1st stage, ok???!

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