Monday, September 06, 2004

Spent last weekend(as of 3pm last Sat) zipping around. After all, it's my part-time job...(part-time driver). I can tell you, my patience is at it's lowest that weekend.

Here's my very curious nature asking all those errant drivers who filter from lane to lane or overtake without even signalling.
~Is it that BLOODY difficult to just flick that blardee lever to signal???!
~And can you please not bloody overtake at bloody high speed when you are THAT damn close to other vehicles?
~Drivers who think they can't go faster thatn 70kph on the second lane, they better consider their options before filtering all the way there...(or maybe look into the rear-view mirror and see that they are actually hogging that bloody lane)
~Lorry/truck drivers who think that the commisions they earn per trip is more important than the fact that they are endangering other ppls' lives on the road as they sleep while driving...They can go to hell for all I know(I can tell you I've encountered such drivers on many occasions).
~Taxi drivers I know you are out to earn an income, but I please, please signal in advance(if you signal at all) when you are going to dash from the extreme right to extreme left just to pick up some passenger. But for more of your wrong-doings, refer to point 1 & 2. Thanks. However, after spending the whole weekend zipping around from one end of S'pore to the other, all I can say, kudos, to u guys for having the energy & patience. I'm seriously spent...

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