Monday, June 27, 2005

moi frens

*be forewarned. the following posts are backdated. VERY backdated...*

With moi ol' pals...

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Nadia & her hubby-2-b :: Starbux's representation of us 4 :: Us 4

Met up with my close secondary school pals that evening. One of the reasons being that dear Nadia will wed in 2 weeks time and we're rushing for the opportunity to meet up with her while she's still a spinster bachelorette.

Nadia brought with her a pleasant surprise. In the form of her fiance. It's was nice of her to make an effort to formally introduce to us the man who stole our dear friend's heart (does that sound mushy, or what??) I take that as her form of respect for us as her pals. Thank you, girl!

After a quick dinner @ Banquet East Point (I got my sashimi!!!), we head down to Starbux for coffee and some chillin'. There's lots that we talked about. Bout' how she met her future hubby, her school & kinda' updating one another with advances in our individual lives... bla bla.

To think that so much has changed since the last time we met (which I think was last year's Hari Raya...)

It's scary, how fast time flies and even scarier are the changes that comes with it....

Oh, well. Till' we meet again. *that will be during your nikah, Nadia*


minerva said...

Great news ~ Bestest best wishes to Nadia!

Luv, minerva*

CT said...

I'll convey your regards to her, Minerva.

Gosh, I sure can't wait, considering she'll be the 1st amongst my seconday sch frens getting hitched. Whee!