Friday, June 03, 2005

Bro's B-dae Dinner

B'dae bro I
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Bro's B-dae Dinner

No one actually decided where we should go for the dinner - despite having planned the dinner the week before. This is becoming much of a problem... Sheesh.

I know I was being anti-climatic when I asked him the previous weekend, "What do ya want for ya b'dae? I simply have no idea what to get ya."

I was such a bitch (if a guy's called a jerk), I noe. He blushed (either that or it's the feverish heat reddening his skin), shrugged his shoulders and said, "I dunno. Anything can lah."

That was nice of him. When I asked him the same question last year, he asked for either Dimebag Darrel's (still alive then) or Kirk Hammet's black guitar. That cost more than $2K! I offered him a gadget for him to bring to his jamming session instead. In the end, I bought neither. Goodness knows what I bought him last year....

Niwae, my dad eventually suggested East Coast Lagoon Food Centre (his fav'). I know that name rolled off his tongue easily. He's just waiting for the right moment to say it, so it will seem like he just tot' of that place. No grudges against ECLFC but I was kinda' thinking of some restaurant somewhere.... Sheesh.

Yeah, anyway we eventually decided on a G-Shock for my bro. That'll definitely last, given the environment he works in. Something to endure the elements..... Oh, plus an ADIDAS fragrance which I saw him sniffing eagerly at, a few days back. The G-Shock, I saw him admiring through some display window somewhere that same day he sniffed at that perfume. All his body languages, I observe and take it as some hint.

I reported to my dad, what I saw and eventually concluded and he smacked his forehead (literally) and said, "No wonder he kept looking at the G-Shock watches when we go shopping at Mustafa that day!"

Daaaaaad!!! *growls*

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