Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Been a long time...

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Been a long time, eh?

That morning, an ol' pal msg-ed me, asking if a supper is possible that nite. Lucky girl. My mum's working so I guess it'll be ok.

Not that I can only go out when my mum's not around but she tend to stay up till' I'm back. Not that I mind tapi kesian, you. Yeah, she tend to ask this, ask that. Typical of a mother's concern. Besides, it's easier not having to answer to anyone.

Aniwae, I have not seen CT Hajar for quite a looong time. Say, 6 yrs? 7 yrs? Or as Brad Pitt a.k.a Mr Smith will say, "6 or 7 years ago.."

I asked my bro along, considering he kinda' know her too and makes a great companion. Besides, Mr Teddy Bear gotta' be hungry after work... Hitting some late-nite supper@ Changi will be good. Fetched Hajar, followed by my bro after sending me mum to werk.

It's been really nice to see you again CT Hajar! Thanks to friendster and a little bit of fate, we meet up again. The world is super-small, after all.

Rest assured, that kewl experience won't be the last. Singapore has many great places to hit for supper, y'knoe... ;)

PS: we kinda' go bonkers during our late nite/early morning foto shoot. click on the pic to see more...

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