Friday, June 24, 2005

Rocker family

Rock On!!!!

Tot' of holding myself back from updating till', say.... the weekend but I just can't resist this quiz.....

Your Rock Star Family by Mikki
MumShirley Manson (Garbage)
DadMichael Hutchence (INXS)
SisterJennifer (Kittie)
BrotherJoel (Good Charlotte)
BoyfriendChris (Coldplay)
GirlfriendOne of the Donnas
Best friendDave Grohl

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Conclusion: I think my family's pretty worse off than the Osbournes.

C'mon, my 'mum' looks androgynic, my 'dad' committed suicide eons ago, I despise my 'brother' for dating miss-goody-two-shoes Hillary Duff and I hate my 'boyfriend'.

Firstly, he (my BF) is NOT a rocker (to me). Secondly, he's married. Thirdly, I never liked his wife, Ms. Paltrow. Worse, she shared the SAME birthdate as myself. Fourth, he named his babe girl after a FRUIT. Sheesh!

The only things that really rock is having Jennifer as my 'sis' and Dave Grohl himself as my 'best fren'. Kewl!

Somehow, I'm just veeeerrrry glad that Mr Marilyn Manson is NOT in my list. Bet my bro will beg to differ.... \m/


sHiReEN said...

hi CT!!!thnx for visiting my blog yah..appreciate it very much
since u stumbled upon me in raihan's blog shall we link thn?the more frends the merrier!!

CT said...

heya, thanx for dropping by here too!

alrite, let's linky-up then. ;)