Friday, June 10, 2005



If I have had health problems, I would have either gone into an epileptic fit or stayed frozen/still in my seat as of this afternoon. Really, man.

Jean Danker of Class 95 fm had remarked that her day started off pretty well, until she discovered that Keanu Reeves could have already been married. However, she chose not to reveal the full story till about two songs later.

My first thought was, "Oh no! Not Diane Keaton..?!" I admit I'm pretty back-dated when it comes to entertainment news but the last time I heard bout' Keanu, it was about him being a tad too chummy with her.

Some ads and a song later, I decided to become impatient and source for the 'truth' myself. So I went to Yahoo! and searched, 'Keanu + Reeves + married'. The search came out with many results and of ALL of them, I chose a page that tell me THIS:

"...actors Keanu Reeves and Alan Cumming, raced over there to marry one another before a small party of invited friends....
...had always been rumored to be gay, but always maintained his heterosexuality...
...Keanu looked as though he was on cloud nine, while Cumming was in tears the whole way through. He was definitely the more 'queen' of the two..."

read more >>HERE<<

I am not a homophobic & I have nothing against gays. However, I've always had this notion in my head that it's ok to lose ur guy to another girl. At least there's a weeny bit of chance that u MAY get him back. But to lose him to a guy???
Imagine this:
(get in drama mode)"Why? Why him? What issit that he HAS that I DON'T?" Lots, baby. LOTS.

Anyway, back to the topic.
Amidst my shock, I forgot to regain my breath until I realised that my chest kinda' hurts (no, my heart DIDN'T break). Then I heard Jean's voice coming back on air. I sort-of heard, "...Keanu..proposed..fiance..married..Autumn Macintosh.."

Wait a minute. Autumn Macintosh?! That sounds far from, 'Alan Cumming'... At least 'Autumn' sound more... WOMANLY.

I decide to resource back the search on 'Keanu + Reeves + married'. Then I chose one result-CAREFULLY this time.

"...Keanu Reeves is reportedly set to marry old flame Autumn Macintosh.
Friends claim the Hollywood actor proposed after rekindling his romance with Autumn, who he first dated in the early '90s, earlier this year. . .
A source is quoted by Britain's Daily Star newspaper: "Keanu and Autumn have know each other for years..."

Now, that's a relief. Suddenly, I forgot about the fact that I'm pretty pissed that he got hitched.

Hey, come to think of it, he soooo far away in La-La Land, just what are the chances that I may meet and get hitched to him? Ponder... ponder...

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