Tuesday, June 14, 2005

bugger off!

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I realised that I hardly blog anything bout' myself. You know, personal stuff like my everyday happenings (do I have to blog everyday, then?), my feelings, my rant & ravings, where I go, who I see, yadaa...yadaa...

Believe it or not, doing that is just not.... me. I know that it's pretty incredulous. How can blogging bout' yourself not reflect you? I dunno. Guess it's just not typical of me to shout out to everyone out there, the real me.

There are moments when I just wanna let out all I feel, all that pent-up frustration or even the joy I felt after a certain happenings. However, erm... I am wholly aware as to WHO reads my blog and WHO has access to a certain WHOever that I babble about. Last thing I need is to get into trouble with those I hold dear in my life.

As the saying goes, even a person's joy may be another's sorrow. There are 2 ends to this knife and I'd rather not have it pointed at our direction.

I've seen other bloggers having a no-holds-barred concept of blogging. It's a bare-it-all style. Even came to washing their dirty linen in public. I admit to being a closet reader of some of these blogs. Somehow, you know when a certain blogger is approachable-or not. Some are deemed so 'scandulous', he/she had had their faces pasted on dartboards-meant for all to vent their anger at-feeling that they would have things justified, by giving these bloggers a piece of their mind.

But hey, they're talking bout' THEIR life and by no means, did THEIR lifestyle, by any chance interfere with YOURS??? No? Then bugger off.

They are entitled to write what they want to write. It's THEIR blog, anyway. THEIR own PRIVATE space. It just so happens that it's no longer PRIVATE cos' YOU stumbled into it and chose to INTRUDE.

Maybe they lied. Maybe all they want is attention, popularity. A mention somewhere. So what? By responding to their what-nots, you're just giving them what they want. Yes, it's negative attention but these bloggers know it. They won't be dumb enuff' to expect some positive remarks to their awful entries, dun they? Even though I do admit that beautiful flowers DO grow on heaps of crap, sometimes.

Admit it, you are entertained by them aren't you? Negative remarks or not. That's why you keep coming back and felt compelled to comment everytime, albeit negatively. I know cos' I AM amused by some entries made by some bloggers. However, I see things in a different light. These ppl blogs bout' things they deem fit. Hey, if it's alright for them, then it's ok for me.

Geez, I dunno what prompt me to write this kinda entry but seeing those seething comments made by certain 'Anonymous' fellas on blogs everywhere... I just feel like..doosh! Giving them a (virtual) gundoo on their heads.

How disrespectful can one be...? It's like trespassing into a person's garden and taking a crap at their lawn (those intruding 'private' blogs) or attending a party and screw it up by humiliating the host infront of the guests (those tarnishing the more popular blogs). Either way, it ain't good.

Mind your own business will ya'? Idiots..!

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