Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Pasir Ris Part I

Roti Boy 2
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Pasir Ris Pt. 1

Geezers. These are so long overdue ('these' meaning that I have more than 1 thing to babble about).

It's the Father's Day weekend, ain't it?

My parents gotta go for their foot reflexology session at Tampines Mall. I won't go for another of such session. I'm just not comfortable having a stranger-of-a-man massaging my legs (thou' it does felt goood ;>)

I leave them be while I wander off in that blatantly crowded mall (I never thought there to be any special occasion). Went to Isetan. Hmmph. Nothing. Went up to check out the Havainas. That's when I saw... boxes upon boxes of mens' shirts, wallets, belts, ties.. you name it, they displayed it. Sooo much like....

OMG!!! Is it Father's Day??! Looked around & saw teens lugging small, nicely packaged boxes of ties and shirts. Mothers/wives sorting thru' the packaged offers... Geez! I'm not gonna miss out on this!

My dad called. They're done. Was in such a hurry, I signed the bill haphazardly & gotta sign again. #$%@!!!

Pretended nothing happened, despite the Isetan bag being very ominous with it's nicely wrapped blue package inside. Heh. After lunch, I suggested we merayap cos' it's boring to go back that early. We settled on Pasir Ris Park.

Shopped for mum's antiseptic gauze for her scald, stocked up on fruits & salads and dad's fav. brand of really-bland biscuits and Roti Boy(mexican buns). Oh, and olive oil. A whole 5 kg bottle, mind you! Shopping tak agak2x!

The park was freakin' crowded. I saw this cute sight: A big goods lorry (the metal compartment type) parked in front of us. Saw the door slide open. One lady ambled out. Followed by her son, then another person. Another...another...another... You know HOW MANY were there inside the lorry??? A grand total of 18 pax PLUS large water containers, tents, a beach ball and 2 huge pots of food. AMAZING FEAT! Yesh, memang keluarga orang Melayu.

It's nice sitting on a bench there, people-watching and stuff, while munching on Roti Boy & salad... Then we head home. Yah, just like that. Boring?? Naaah, it's quality time spent with my parents. Besides, my mum gotta' work later. Overtime.

PS: what happened that nite' later on is another story altogether.... Heh.

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