Monday, June 13, 2005

The Smiths

The Smiths
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The Smiths

Oooooh.... If I like Angelina Jolie before, now I LOVE her. If I dun fancy Brad Pitt before(despite seeing his nice, firm muffin-of-a-bum in Troy), now I SURELY do.

Now I can see why Mr Pitt has the hots for this sensuous beauty. She's a sizzler babe! 1/2 the time, throughout the action scenes, I keep visualising Lara Croft in action.

And Mr Pitt... I may not see it before but now I sure do. All the clothes hung so well on his nicely-buffed bod. Oohlala. AND his eyes, oh his eyes, when he looked at his 'wife'. Sigh...

2 things I'm not happie bout' with regards to this movie. What really happened in the end..? And what in the world is that OC fella doing in this movie...?! Huh? Huh?!!

It sure doesn't help, the fact that I dun' watch the show (OC, I mean) and I always thought Adam Brody to be the chubby-faced fella' with that brown hair and sad, sad puppy face. Turns out it's HIM. Oh btw, I KNOW he's from OC cos' I heard ppl whispering bout' him in the movie theatre.. Big deal! That's show's crap anyway (again, it's OC, not The Smiths).

I dun' like it that Angie is labled, 'marriage-wrecker'. It takes two hands to clap so that Pitt guy has gotta' shoulder some blame, too. Besides, they look soooo good together, they shall now be on my fav. 'La-La Land couple' list. Nothing agaist Ms. Aniston but Ms Jolie sounds like a more exotic & delectable feast on a platter when I'm hungry.

Check out this interview where both Angie & Brad were on the same stage (which is not often)...

Lady of The House :: Man of The House

Ayy... That Pitt fella' is funny, lah. Check out this excerpt from the interview:

"...Yet ask about how the two stars developed such amazing on-screen chemistry, and Pitt provides a coy response.'Between me and Vince [Vaughn]?'...

...We didn't need any chemistry; we'd just look into each other's eyes. It caused a lot of discomfort, but Vince and I got over the worst of it and we're resigned to just be friends. And we respect each other professionally and that's all I have to say about it..."

"Mr & Mrs Pitt", anyone..?

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