Monday, June 06, 2005

Away for Umrah.

Away for Umrah.

The 4 of 'em
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My uncle and his wifey plus Yan their eldest son, my parents plus myself. And later on (in fact so much later that my grandpa check-in already), my other uncle plus his wifey.
We made our way to the airport to send my grandpa, his wifey, their in-law (besan) and grandson (my sort-of cousin) off to Jeddah for umrah (optional holy visit to the holy land of Mecca & Medina for religious purposes/minor pilgrimage).

Despite the screw-up with regards to the visa issue, the departure is as planned and the false alarm a few day back was thankfully.... a false alarm. Sheesh.

My grandpa's recurring spate of back pain was a cause for worry. The pilgrimage is not going to be easy for him. He was wheeled in (on a wheelchair, duh) back at the airport. For him to walk on his own all the way to the boarding gate, No Way!

My cousin Yan, he brought up this issue about things seeming a weeny bit funny. Like how we bothered to come this far to send grandpa off... and other what-nots. He's supposedly saying that something might happen... Ish.

Anyway, I prayed for their safety, to and from their journey and may they fulfill all the obligatory procedures as required. May they be evolved in religious bliss and may they attain the peace they much needed. Let them have the blessings, as with others, once they set foot on the holy land.

As for my cousin, I pray for his tolerance and patience whilst being surrounded by 3 'senior citizens'. May he have the strength to help them carry whatever they can't. May he absorb fully this enriching experience into his young mind and let this knowledge that he's attained guide him well into the future.

Insya-Allah. Amin

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