Saturday, June 18, 2005

Fire drill

Fire drill

Fire drill
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I have never expected myself to experience this as a 'grown-up'...Sheesh!

I remember, back in my Poly days, I saw one department having to go thru' this silly ordeal. I believe it's b'cos they got to reside in a spanking new building, that's why...(yes, I'm a weeny bit jealous, then). How I laughed at them, especially those whom I happened to know. "Ha ha! Macam slenger, gitu!!!"

Anyway, I saw the notice, stating that the drill will take place ard 11am and should it rain then it will happen at 3pm instead.

Guess wat? It rained at 11am. Phew! Prayed that it'll rain the whole day...

After lunch, my eyes got really heavy and the office was quiet, except for the occasional clickings of the mouse or the tapping of the keyboard. And I began my slowwww journey to dreamland, when suddenly... *RIIIIINGGGGGGG!!!!*

Goodness, that ringing never stopped! Aiyoh, bingit!!! Recalling back my secondary school days, I remembered such ringing to be the the much-celebrated fire drill. That's b'cos, back then, such drills would have disrupted any ongoing lessons. But when you started working and the task of finishing a particular assignment on time is very important~esp. when it's Friday and you wanna knock-off early; that drill only comes as a blardee hindrance.

I betcha, if a REAL fire DID take place, I think 1/2 the occupants of that building would have been 'chao-tar' (utterly burnt). Practically took their own sweet time, dilly-dally.... Heck, some of them even attempted to buy some stuff from the canteen on the 4th floor! I saw some bosses clearly trying to escape this silly procedure by driving off but got stopped at the main gate.

Ha ha!!! You'd better join us, dudes! Yeah, gathering according to our unit storey level, wait for attendance to be taken, listen to announcements... Hah!

Then the whole crowd scrambled to the lifts after everything's over. I went over to the cargo lifts, only to see that they have yet to activate it. So I resort to climb the stairs. All the way to the 7th floor!

Sheeesh. Sheesh. Sheesh!

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