Monday, June 27, 2005


Cycling @ PAsir RIs

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After a very unsuccessful attempt at purchasing a VCD of a supposedly funny Malay movie (cos' it's still playing in the theatres, no way the VCD's out...), my dad suggested bringing my mum to Pasir Ris Park, the place that he and myself visited during Daddy's Dae.

Yeah, a beautiful afternoon not to be wasted. As soon as I parked, my dad made a mad dash for the bicycle rental kiosk. Ahhhh....Sohhhh.... So he's been yearning to cycle here, eversince we realised that we can rent bikes at this park. Clever man....!

It was nice. My dad on a mountain bike while my mum+ myself rode the tandem one cos' my mum lazily justified that she must have forgotten how to ride alone, considering it's been ages since she rode a bike. She never even made any attempt to try!!!

Besides I know she's just plain lazy cos' 1/2 the time, I'm the ONLY one cycling to move BOTH of us forward. It was later proven when our shadows that was casted on the tarmac showed my mum sitting STILL, admiring the surroundings.... I might as well pedal a TRISHAW!

After all that, I had to lie down awhile on the bed before meeting my ol' pals later in the evening. Not surprisingly, I was late...

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