Saturday, June 18, 2005

Out with Da' Guys.

Out with Da' Guys.

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I woke up yesterday and and the first word that came to me was: BORED. Darn, I need a life, man!

I remembered my coversation with my bro the night before,
HE: Eh, I think I can send ma tomorrow. Decided not to hit the gym. So what movie u watchin tomorrow?
ME: What?! Why u never tell me earlier? I didn't make any plans! Why u always last-minute, one!!

Well, since he CAN send my mum to work, that will mean I'm free that nite. Heh heh.... *rub hands in glee*
So I msg my pals. 2/4 replied. Oklah... better than nothing. Decided to chill somewhere on the outskirts of town.

Bas who was trying to buff himself up (for some supposed modelling stint after he ORD), resisted dinner (dietlah, konon...) But he ordered this beverage/dessert which has espresso poured over this vanilla ice-cream. Dumb, rite?

I think he can't resist it when Kai & I order a meal each. So what if he said that he wanna chill only? We're hungry. Just off work, whatd'ya expect? Soon, it's more side dishes, coffee and then (with Kai's insistance) DESSERT. Now, that's what I call sinful. When the 'Nuts & Bran..." (whatever it's called) thingy arrived, we were so taken aback....

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Ermm.. I dunno if u guys over-stocked your whipped cream supply..But isn't this a tadd too much??

Despite all that junk, we managed to kinda' finish it up. I personally thnk that green tea should stick to being a beverage and NOT a dessert. Yucky, man! Besides, I like my green tea sans sugar....

We sat there till' the staff had to subtlely inform us that they're 'closing in 5 mins time'. Felt bad, heh. At least we're considerate enuff to let them clear yet another table and a better chance at knocking-off earlier. Been in this line before... I know, lah.

Yeah, then we went all they way to Plaza Sing. to hit the loo and get some ciggies for Bas. Some much for trying to quit... Chet! I thought the night is still young. They tot' the night is still young, so we decide to walk to City Hall. We decide to cut thru' C.H.I.J.M.E.S and recollect those days when we used to chill there. Esp. during our grad nite. Matthew and his crazy antics.....

After the walk, we kinda' got tired... Besides the guys gotta work tomorrow so we called it a night and tried to get some cabs. Guess what?? It's 2335 and somehow almost all the cabs are aither 'on call' or 'changing shift'. Is that any surprise that we finally got a cab at 5 mins before midnite..?

Ya lor... Midnight charges apply. Sheesh! :-P

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