Monday, June 27, 2005

Souped-Up Haven

Automobile Haven

My bro & myself watched Initial-D last Saturday morning. We could have been the only non-Chinese watching that midnight show at PS at that time. Should see the looks we got from other movie-goers... Heh.

Why Initial-D? Isn't it a Chinese movie???

Well.... We loooove cars. In fact, while looking for a parking lot that night, I almost cried while at the wheel. Nooo, I'm not desperate because the show's starting and there're no lots. Those tears are of PURE joy. Joy at seeing rows upon rows of GORGEOUS, MARVELLOUS, MAGNIFICENT & FANTABULOUS souped-up cars. I was jumping up and down on my seat and my bro had to hold the steering for fear that I may accidentaly swerve into one of these babies. *snickers*

Another reason is that like love Jay Chou. Yes, been a closet fan of his... *blush* So what does MY liking Jay has anything to do with my bro? Cos' it was ME who PAID for the tix, that's why. If he wanna waste a FREE movie, so be it.

Oh and that brat cutie Edison Chen. He looked soooo boyish that I tot' he appeared a tad too underaged to be smoking so much on screen.

Overall, the movie's great. A balanced proportion of action, drama & comedy. Jay's acting has much to be improved but the role suited him well. So duhhh. Anyway, it's his very first movie role... Excusable.

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These are just what's left in the carpark after my bro took a leak after the movie. My bro drove towards a car, stop, I got out, snap some pics and got back in. This goes on till' I've amassed a collection of them pics in my phone. The sound they make when they went down the ramp... Soooo orgasmic.

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