Thursday, June 09, 2005



I treat myself to some adrenaline rush late into the night yesterday. Pop the S.W.A.T dvd into the player as the clock strike midnite.

Anyway, after all the excitement of seeing the great action and even greater looking guys in action, it sure took me a looong time to settle my hyped-up senses and put myself to sleep. That will be like..say another hour or so...?

No points for guessing, what time I eventually slept.

Anyway, I was nodding away at my office table just now and awoke to see my face a mere inch away from the table-top. Therefore, a lame attempt at keeping me awake will be to blog, or so I tot'.


Boy, I sure have NO idea what to blog about...

...sigh, I think I'm better off making some coffee.

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