Friday, July 01, 2005


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Yet another meet-up
27062005 & 28062005

Met up again with Hajar. It seemed that my cousin Yan; either can't think of a better day to meet up or he's juz plain excited. It's MONDAY, for goodness sake! And Ms. CT Hajar juz had her 1st day at the new school...

Mondays-No stock intake in markets=not much food in hawker ctrs=close early.
Changi=The only stalls open(eventually) are the 2 Nasi Lemak stalls. Sheesh!

Hit the beach (at 1am, imagine!) and just yak, yak, yak. That's when we discovered that the last time we got really acquainted with Hajar is like...almost a decade ago!

My dad will nag at me for this but all of us played the swings during that wee hour before hitting home...
*gonna knock moi head for sure..*
Not good to play swing-swing at nite, y'noe. At Changi somemore...

...Somehow, after that meet-up, I had a very goood feeling we will be meeting up rather often later. Hmmm....

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