Thursday, July 07, 2005

jb trip

Yet another J.B trip

Yeah, yeah. So passe...
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Hopped around Komtar (good food!), City Square (a must!), Angsana (more cool stuff), Taman Perling (got a small Giant) & Gelang Patah rest area (more great food).

Wouldn't be able to get around if not for my cousin Yan, who deem J.B as his '2nd hometown'. That same guy who said that, "he slept thru' 3/4 of his working hours" got into my car looking like a zombie. Of all nights to have lotsa' cases on hand, it HAS to be that night before our trip (he's part of a certain uniform group)... Serves him right. Boast some more!

The irony? It was HIM who insist that we fetch him, since him family is not going for this trip. *doosh!*

The trip involves Suzie, Effy and myself scrambling in and out of shops, from City Sq. to Angsana. Took a break at Starbux that has this GIANT donut that cost a mere RM3++. Shared it with 5 ppl.

Ended the day with grocery shopping @ Taman Perling's Giant and a 'pit stop' at Gelang Patah's rest area. Esp. being Sun, it has this 'mini pasar lambak'. And the food there is pretty nice. Halfway thru' our dinner, we heard something that sounds like thunder approaching. But thunder DUN approach. It just comes...
So what's this sound...???

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These are what caused that loud ROAR. These babies... From R1s, Hayabusas, Sraads, Blackbirds, Ninjas etc.... Oooooh.. I LIKE!!!!

Obviously, I 'muka seposen' ngan Yan, come close to these bikes which they must have painstakingly arranged. Seeing these bikes makes me determined... DETERMINED to drop by Sepang for the MotorGP this October. I WILL drag my dad along. Sick and tired of having both of us screaming at the TV... It's time we see it for REAL, man!

PS: I was told that all these bikers just came back from Sepang after some 'leisure racing' session. Cool, huh?

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