Thursday, July 14, 2005

Walimatul Urus

Nadia's Walimatul Urus

After a mere 4hrs sleep since the J.B supper thingy, I would have gladly skipped this wedding invite should it had been one of those distant relatives that invite us. Thing is, it's my good friend's big day and I'll never forgive myself should I not attend.

Went with my parents, Shyba and her mum + little cousin. I heard the kompangs as I arrived. She's here! I would have gladly alighted there if I had not been the one driving.

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Dah kata 'RAJA SEHARI'... The 'king of her heart' and the 'queen of his heart'. The couple looked really looked good together. Sigh... So sweet.

Met several ol' mates there. It's funny, to finally see them in person after looking them up on their blogs or frienster.

Oh, BTW Nadia. I personally think that your wedding cakes look GORGEOUS!

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