Monday, July 04, 2005


Not Just ANY little-red-dot. We'll be RED-HOT!

Watched the news and realised Singapore itself is becoming a pretty little hotspot on the world news. Finally, it's more than just that "little-red-dot" on the map.

It feels too good to be true. The likes of royalties, super-entrpreneurs, political & sports superstars... All celebrities in one way or other. They're coming down to support their home-cities or cities of their choice to host the Olympics.

In OUR little Singapore??? Awwww!

Hey, we may just see the likes of Queen Sophia(a royalty, duh!), Raul Gonzales (soccer hero) from Spain, Mr Michael Bloomberg (the mayor), Mrs Hilary Clinton (whoa! no intro needed, here), Mr Muhammad Ali (knock yourself out if u dunno this 'un) and believe it or not, Mr Ian Thorpe (the Aussie swimming 'Thorpedo') supporting New York.

For London, we see the likes of Mr Tony Blair (the PM, la dey), Mr David Beckham (dun' even bother asking, cos' I believe he's the most popular here) and his missus, Victoria (frankly, I think she's here for fear he'll get into another set of scandal hanky-panky like the last time). Then Mr Jacques Chirac, the French PM himself will support Paris's bid and I apologise cos' the names of the Russian delegates are too complicated for me to recall....

There're other names, I know. Just that I am NOT reporting the news here so there's no need to be perfect specific. But it's cool, huh? Having all this big, BIG names coming down here... Heh.

If I am not working, I would have camped at C.I.A (Changi International Airport, NOT Central Intelligence Agency...DUH!) like some groupie just to catch a glimpse of all these ppl whom I only get to see on the google-box. Never mind the fact that some are going to go thru' the VIP zone, anyway. Geez!

I personally believe P.A.R.I.S will get to host the coveted event. Even though they dun chip in any of their soccer superstars like the likes of a certain Mr Henry or Mr Zidane to support their bid.

Seriously, if Thierry Henry did come down, I'll DEFINITELY take a few days leave and camp-out at C.I.A. For Sure.

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