Friday, July 01, 2005

check these out!

Current Favs.

Image hosted by Watched the movie on Tuesday. I almost dozed lag off in some parts, if not for some really cool music playing in the background. Seriously, the m0vie is ONLY suitable for those who are in love, so these ppl can feel that funny tingling sensation of that lovey-dovey feeling as they watch it.

I tell ya, the soundtrack is waaaay better than the movie itself. Check it out. *click on the pic*

Image hosted by Just got the email newsletter from Nokia Asia Pacific. Very chio, huh? Yar, yar... I noe some will argue the fact that it look so much like that Siemens model and inspired from Samsung's slide-up.

Somehow, being someone who swore by Nokia's user-friendliness and convenience of sharing common files amongst other plentiful Nokia users, this phone model would be an apt choice. *click on the pic* to see its features.

Image hosted by Now THIS is Mushroom Swiss. What I wanna gush about is the (supposedly) new Mushroom Whopper. I love the Mushroom Swiss (MS) but I love my veggies, too.

Eating at BK will incur my dilemma between the MS and Whopper Jr. The Whopper usually win hands down (cos' a balanced meal is very important, ok?) but I end up yearning for the scrumptious mushrooms as I nibble on my veggies....

So does merging the 2 help? A LOT, I tell ya'. A LOT!!! If only it's available in the 'Junior' version.... Whopper is very BIG, ok..?

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