Thursday, July 14, 2005

j.b supper

J.B Supper

Yes, it's that dreaded 'S'-letter word again. And I wonder why I've put on weight... Tsk...

This time, we head for J.B. It's Yan's turn to treat us. Hajar, Yan and myself have made plans for each of us to give one another a treat during our pay-period, considering that the 3 of us got our pay-cheques at different times of the month.

Fetched bro and then Hajar, followed by Yan. Due to some delays and hiccups, we eventually set-off for J.B at 0130hrs. Geez, and I assured my bro that we'll be back by 3... (he gotta' work the next day).

Changed some currency before heading for Danga Bay. The amusement area's car park was darn full. Can you believe it? At that hour?! The foodplace where Yan always head to was closing so we went to Singgah Selalu instead. Darn packed! Luckily there's an empty parking lot. Not surprising, the place is teeming with Singaporeans. Yan met several of his mates there (he called J.B his 2nd home, what).

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I kinda' like that place. Nice ambience, despite the majority of Singaporean faces. The food's good, the song is ok (it was raggae songs all the way). The TV showed sports (got soccer!). And got cute, cute guys awso... Heh.

If the dinner was fun, then post dinner was fantastic! Powerkedemak! Hajar & I got really trigger-happy. The thing about us, we got no qualms bout' making silly faces and thru'out the 'photo-session', we have curious eyes on us. I saw one guy laughing at us. Some even shake their heads. Apa tak, kita ketawa macam orang gila. Macam tak betul!

We head to this obsecure Shell station cos' Yan said the petrol there is of 'better quality' (I dunno there's any difference). When we passed the station on the other side of the road, we saw a WHOLE FLEET of gorgeous cars parked there. I assume the whole bunch is topping-up petrol. I had wanted to alight there and then cos' the U-turn point is further down but my bro just drove on. I grumbled and said something like, "Later all of them drive off, then you know.."

Upon reaching the station, I had my camera out, armed and ready. Guess what?! The station is E-M-P-T-Y. There are NO cars (at least the nice2x ones) there. Nein. Null. Zilch. Zero. I blew my top. Ngamuk sakan!

Worse, the station does not accept cards from foreign banks at that hour and the cashier never told me earlier. Desperate, we exchanged S$10 for RM20 with this ah-beng. Pissed-off, man!

But, I definitely 'tak serik' heading to J.B at the wee hours of morning. The roads are empty and jams are almost impossible. There's definitely a 'next time' for this.
Just take extra caution not to offend someone or tempt someone to create trouble for you.

Dad called hours later. Told him, "We're under the block." He assumed that we had been lazing under the block for some time, after coming back from J.B. Truth is, we just entered the parking lot. Heh. Time check: 0615 hrs. Dah Subuh, pun.

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