Thursday, July 07, 2005


B.U.F.F.E.T *burps*

Now... This IS realli sooopper-doooper overdue, but heck, I need to update MYself with the going-ons in MY life, somehow....

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Dinner Buffet

That same day that my parents AND my bosses bought me breakfast AND lunch is also the same day that my family is having a (belated) celebratory dinner at Sakura Int'l BUFFET Rest'n.

My parents just came back from yet another trip to JB (in 3 days) with my brother helming the wheel.

The food there? Not bad. Quite a variety. If you watched the commercial on TV, what you see is what you get. And I sure got what I wanted....

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THISSS!!! s-a-s-h-i-m-i.. I LIKE!!!!

In fact, I had soooo much raw fish on my plate that neighbouring diners were amazed that all that is for my own (lepaskan geram!). Oh, there's SUSHI and UNAGI and CHAWAMOSHI. You guessed it right. I'm a huge fan of Japanese cuisine. Did I mention TEMPURA?
Needless to say, I've had enough fish and actually abstained from anything fishy the WHOLE week.

There's also teppanyaki, claypot, hot plate (give them your peg, this they'll serve), Chinese food (read: dim sums), seafood & salads (read: oysters, lobster salad), fritters (read: tempura and breaded stuff), the grilled food corner (read: unagi, pizza), desserts & beverages (brewed coffee, tubs of ice-creams and cakes).

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This is how my bro is when he's super-dooper full. W-A-C-K-Y. Pics taken at the children playing section in the rest'n.

Good tip: Gobble down the oysters before you eat anything else. Helps prevent the much dreaded stomachache later on.


sheSays said...

was planning to go there this weekend to check out all the nice foooood....but wundering how much did you actually pay for the buffet? :)

sheSays said...

btw...i saw nadia and her fiance! hehe....small are u going to her wedding? :)

sheSays said...

oops...i tink got the wrong date to her wedding. and i missed it.

btw..sorry to spam your comment box eh...

CT said...

I paid $96/= for 4 ppl. That's 4 adults on a weekday dinner. $24/= per person. Lunch should be around $22/=. On weekends, price is an additional $2/=. I think you better Google this to get a more accurate pricing.

And yes, miss the wedding, you did. Funny, lah you. You actually sound so enthusiastic. ;)