Thursday, July 14, 2005

With Tini

With Tini

The previous weekend had been very hectic. So much so I felt so drained of energy that I only managed to upload pics as of yesterday. *phew!*

Planned to have dinner with Tini that Friday. However, it's only on that day itself that it crossed my mind - my boss is going for in-camp training a.k.a re-service the whole of next week. The last time this happened, I have to stay late for briefings and other what-nots. Geez!

Anticipating to leave the office early, I had arranged to meet Tini at almost 7pm @ Eunos mrt. However, knowing my bumbling boss and his muddlehead last-minute decisions, I left the office only at 730pm. Poor, poor Tini waited like, 1 WHOLE hour at that place. Really owed her one, man!

Dinner was fun and we had it al-fresco. We ordered food that eventually occupied the WHOLE table. Both hungry, liao.

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Tini and her fiance Odi, had wanted to bring me to their fav. haunt that I've always heard about. Yishun Dam (I think it's actually called Seletar Dam). That place is always teeming with beautiful cars. She sure know me well....

Went back home and took some picnic mats. Was told to bring a small pillow(???). Fetched her fiance and his cousin, Maman. Went to Shell and bought a tub of Ben & Jerry's + some snacks + coffee. Odi actually brought some bread and SAMBAL TUMIS TELOR REBUS. Can you believe that?! Cute betol! Dah malam2x buta, masih nak picnic??!

That place is a DROOL-FEST! When I came, there's a WHOLE row of SKYLINEs to drool at. We parked across from them. Happie, man! The guys noticed my (over)enthusiasm and that's when I got the label, 'CAR-FREAK'.

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The funny thing is I dun dare to take fotos of these cars openly, so both Tini and I either crawled, hide and lay down flat in our attempt to sneak some pics. Odi, amused, simply took my camera, stood up and snapped the pics. Nothing happen, what. Geez! Felt so dumb.

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The guys actually laid down on the mat and pillows (now I know what it's for) and talk-cock and shooed us away. Drove Tini one round at that bridge and check out the other cars and bikes. Had an EVOLUTION VIII paked in front of me and another one across from me. What a haven!

Went home after a few hours. Time check: 0330hrs
Thank you, Tini & Odi. Next stop, The GAP, perhaps??

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