Tuesday, May 17, 2005

ollie the father/brother

Ollie the father/brother

I think that it's very, very bad of my bosses to leave me behind like this.

Cos' when I'm alone (FYI, my collegue is on MC), I'm bored. When I'm bored, I begin to stuff my face. Yes, I binge. BIG TIME. It sure doesn't help, the fact that both my collegue & I stocked-up the pantry recently. WITH JUNK FOOD. Sigh...

My bosses have scooted off early (as at 4pm) to visit their 'grandchildren'. Apparently their son, Ollie, despite being only 1yr ++ old had managed to mate with his mum & she conceived.

Now, now, before you get disgusted with regards to this incestuous act, let me inform you that Ollie is a puppy. A mini white schnauzer puppy, to be exact. It SHOULD be ok, for puppies to mate with their mums, rite?? I heard that it's only a no-no to do it amongst siblings.

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Ollie, the father.
Erk.... I think I'm feeling queasy. Going thru' this fact in words seem too real to me. It does sound like some major blasphemous incest. Dogs or not. I remember asking my bosses, "So are the babies Ollie's kids or siblings...?"

They were dumbstuck at that moment. However, soon after that, they declared that the babies shall be their 'grandchildren'. 3 'grandsons' & 1 'granddaughter'. Hee hee...

I'm more level-headed now cos' the process of solving my problem has headed off from a good start. Hope things will turn out as I expected, if not better. Insya-Allah.

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