Sunday, May 15, 2005

millions, anyone?

Million$, anyone?

I realised that I have a good reason to blog about movies that I've watched. My poor memory has this bad habit of remembering only random things (mostly insignificant) and I have lost track of what movies I've watched and how long ago that was.

The last one (my fren told me) was Constantine and that was pretty long ago. After that, none interest me. They're just too... erm, mainstream??? I dunno, I was interested in those screened during the film festival and everyone knows how expensive those screenings were and we have to keep tab on when & where a particular film was screened (mostly obsecure theatres). Sheesh!

Yesterday, my fren & I were desperate to watch a movie. Any movie-we decided, so we contemplated between either Amityvile Horror, The Interpreter or The Jacket. Too hyped-up, too boring & lousy reviews. Sigh...

Then my fren mentioned 'Millions'. Huh? What movie is that? She said something bout' 2 British kids having found some $$$. *Bingo!*
I heard bout' that movie and it received rave reviews. Coincidentally, there is an exclusive showcase of sorts at PS cos' that's the only screening time that day. By 12pm, when I booked the tickets online, only the front 2 rows are left. And the show's at 4pm! Phew!
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Anthony & Damian
Millions. Really cute movie. Unexpectedly directed by Danny Boyle- someone known for his less family-friendly fares like Shallow Grave, Trainspotting, and 28 Days Later.

The storyline is simple. Kid found some robbed cash which literally fell from the sky. It doesn't help that kid is a firm believer in Saints and stuff and he thought the cash to be a gift from God. Kid told brother(who is very, very good in mental calculations), and they spend the cash.

The twist: It's year end and in a matter of days, the Pounds they found are going to be worthless. Either they spend it all or they convert it to Euros. And of course, the robber's gonna come hunting for his lost booty.

And the end of the movie, my fren remarked, "The elder brother looked like a young Prince William."
I replied, "Yep. With lotsa' freckles. And the young one looked like MacCaulay Culkin." Pause. "With lotsa' freckles."


There is this movie that I really wanna watch.
Initial D
I would love to put the link in but either the site is screwed up or I am. I spent the afternoon looking for the trailer and I all I got were broken links, dormant sites or chinese sites which are just too difficult to translate.

Not to mention the sites highlighting the Japanese anime version of Initial D. Sheesh!

But the teaser I saw before Millions yesterday already prompt me to make a pact with my bro to watch it together. I know the movie is in Chinese but the motoring action is too good to ignore and I LOVE cars. Especially fast ones. They've good a good star line-up too, including Jay Chou. *swoon*.

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The cast of Initial D during the Shanghai F1 Grand Prix.

Yeah, I like Jay Chou. So?

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