Monday, May 16, 2005

I tell myself, over and over-Things Happen For A Reason

The same mantra that I tell others; I try so hard to infuse into my own mindset. The turmoil that I'm in, I take it as a lesson to be learnt. Maybe it's a retribution of sorts. Maybe it's a challenge implemented on me. Maybe.....

Uuurgh, I dunno. God is fair. In spite of my troubled thoughts, I manage to sleep and dream a beautiful dream. I was happy for that moment. Although the dream I had next left me confused cos' it seem so real and I wonder if it's something for me to follow, like it's a guide of sorts.

Is that dream meant as a guide? Am I to follow what happened? FYI, I prayed hard before sleeping, asking that my mind and soul be appeased. I even washed my feet.

If I dun learn a lesson after this is over, I dunno what I'll do with myself....

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