Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Holiday Mood-still....

Holiday mood....still

Aiyoh, after all that cool climate, hotel posh and lush greenery, this concrete jungle that I'm back in feels soooo.... Duh.

I'm still in ho-lee-dae mood. I still wanna play. I want my Starbucks/Coffee Bean. I have yet to get that Baskin Robbins.... I still wanna venture the outer surroundings. I want the back the cool temperature. The fresh air. I still have another set of return tix for the Genting Skyway!

And I dun care if the place is teeming with tourists! I wanna go baaaack!
Gimme another day with my pals. Pleeeease.....!

Gosh, I missed Genting Highlands... *bored*

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