Tuesday, May 17, 2005



Came back from my morning jog, sat down outside and took off my shoes. As I peeled off my socks, I saw that something wasn't quite right with the sock on my left feet. Something was there. Something brown. Squashed.

Apparently, despite having stuffed my running shoes with my socks before keeping it in the shoe rack, a COCKROACH managed to creep in and reside there, unaware of it's impending fate.

Gee, all the while I was jogging with a full-sized cockroach squashed at the corner of my feet. Bless me, that it wasn't some GECKO or I will never EVER wear running shoes EVER again.

Sorry if I spoiled your meal while reading this but I seriously wanna blog this cos' it's not often I have cockroaches in my shoes and I thought I can laugh my a** of the next time I go thru' my archive and stumble upon this entry.

FYI, my problem still isn't settled. By the end of this week, if there's still no response, I shall take matters into my own hands. Feel better now. No point worrying. Shit happens, aite? Just a matter of when & where.

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