Thursday, May 19, 2005



You tried the Bagus La Mian Yong Tau Foo @ 276 Changi Rd, already? Nice, leh!


Cos' they have many ways to prepare this delicacy; not the usual, "Aunty, Bee Hoon, Soup," or "Aunty, Bee Hoon, Dry."

Here you can try the regular SOUP, HAKKA, HOT & SPICY, BAGUS Special, TOM YAM & (the famous) AMPANG. They not only have the regular fare of bee hoon, rice or mee. You should try the handmade noodles.
I have a penchant for varieties and this concept fits me VERY well.

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my mum :: my dad :: done the 'Hakka' way

Oh, I like the decor, too. Very contemporary Oriental style. A fusion of modern concept with traditional taste. I like!

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