Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Can help..?

Can help..?

This is an email sent by my Ol' Poly classmate Wengyi, back in the DAT days. He used to be sooo funny with a 'heck-care' attitude to boot. I was really taken aback by how much he's changed when I went into his blog.

Those who think they can help, please DO come forward. Nothing's more meaningful than saving a precious life. Though it is of not much significance to us, DO think of the impact it has upon others.

Thank you.
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The email I received:

"....Hi all, long time no see.

You may be wondering why i'm sending mail to you all of a sudden. Pls do remember that this is not a chainmail.
My girlfriend is currently dying from leaukemia. She needs to find a donor immediately before she reaches the final stage. Her condition is deteriorating everyday. Being visiting the hospital everyday... Her blood type is B+.

I know that i've never being a good friend, or a good platoonmate. And you are not obliged to help me this time. But i beg you, to give her a chance. She may die if the operation fails or if her body rejects the bone marrow transplant. But at least she has the chance.

She had previously found 2 donors who backed out last minute. Now she's given up hope. I do not have a huge social circle as i used to in the past, but i wish that we can find a glimmer of hope from among the many of you here.

If you think you can help us by going for the bone marrow compatability test, pls drop me a comment in my blog:

I hope that all is not too late.

Weng Yi

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