Tuesday, October 14, 2008

mcd wasabi

mcd's wasabi offering

this pack expires a day before my solemnisation

We didn't eat out for lunch and we're still not ready to return to foods from nearby here (we'll have to deal with that for a looong time later!) so we got the easiest option.

Besides, Sri and I, we've been pretty curious about the McD's new Wasabi Fillet-O-Fish and I'm pretty keen to know how it taste. Seeing that the tv at home is only tuned to (overseas) cable channels 24/7, I wasn't made aware of this until my cousin informed me of it.

She knows I love my wasabi.

I'm not exactly a fries-lover and I often ordered my fries unsalted. Because I wanna taste the Wasabi Shaker, I even have it upsized. Such is the sacrifice I made...

the fries, post 'shaking' (all that MSG!)

I'm surprised they don't taste as salty as I expected. I admit that I was pretty traumatised by mcd's previous seaweed-shaker offering, which saw me furiously scraping the powder off the fries with serviettes .

Maybe the pretty strong wasabi taste got me going despite the saltiness? Even then I didn't really empty out all the contents of the shaker pack.

But all this make me miss the ones from Yella-Fellas that I had before. That wasabi sauce was really syiok!

The Fillet-O-Fish was something else.

quite a sorry state, actually

Ok, fine. Given the fact that I had this delivered instead of eating in, I won't keeps my hopes up. But these were delivered within 20 mins!

Let's check what's in between those buns.

okayyy... so where's the wasabi??

Equally curious, Sri also opened hers.

oh, so they used wasabi-mayo??

At least on hers, I can see more greenish dollops (more like 'blobs') of the wasabi-infused mayo. Sri remarked that she felt somewhat cheated by this.. Haha!

Not surprisingly, the wasabi flavour didn't really come through. Maybe for me, I guess. Sigh... I should learn not to expect too much from fast-food, right..?

I make do by sprinkling the remaining wasabi-shaker powder onto my burger. I does help give more 'kick'. At least enough to give me some of that little tingling sensations one normally gets from wasabi...

A reason I'll pick this over the regular Fillet-O-Fish will be due to the presence of the veggies which have bits of carrots and the purple/red cabbage instead of simply the miserly lettuce.

No, not because of the 'wasabi' flavour what-not...

ps: Not surprisingly, due to my low tolerance for MSG, my head's feeling a little woozy from all that 'flavour enhancer' (a.k.a MSG) laden wasabi shaker powder...

Did I tell you that my mouth felt really numb after eating them fries....?

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