Tuesday, October 07, 2008

mediterranean - not

mediterranean - not!

Honestly, I'm already beginning to miss all that food blogging (flogging??).

I could have kicked myself when the camera batt died on me right when I was sooo eager to snap pics of yesterday's dinner at Fig & Olive.

The battery charger had remained in the car since I brought it to my grandma's on Hari Raya itself.

And I did try to use my handphone cam. Believe me. I TRIED. But the dim lighting at the outdoor dining area doesn't help much.

Could be that I've been spoiled rotten by my digicam which took pretty decent food shots. Using the handphone was just sooo frustrating.

The food had looked so good!

Just too bad that it had to end at that.

The cream of mushroom soup had tasted suspiciously like the 'pre-mix' rendition. Maybe it's just me. I've been having good versions of mushrooms soups recently. All from steak houses.

You know, where you taste more mushroom than starch? Or you can see bits of (fresh) mushroom either floating around or specks of it being blended as soup?

My order of the Pesto Chicken Carbonara had been dismal. I had chosen pasta over olive rice and I'm not sure if I should have chosen otherwise. The pasta was bland. Those who know me will be aware of my distaste for things that are overtly salty or sweet but for me to say that the food is bland...

For once, the salt shaker came in handy to me. Correct me if I'm wrong. Isn't pesto that Italian sauce which has garlic+basil+pine nuts+cheese?

Or maybe the word 'pesto' is just to make the dish sound more tentalising.

I did enjoy the side of the simple potato mayo, though. The chicken itself, well... Let's put it this way. I've had better. Period.

MOH's order of Fish Melted Cheese had looked promising. The fish might be a little soggy but it's fine. But the crust around it seemed a tad greasy. Could be that the batter absorbed a little more oil than necessary. Love the waffle fries.

And no. Despite the cheese, it's nowhere near Fish & Co's New York fish & chips.

In the end, MOH left the crispiest bit of the fish batter on his plate as he pushed it aside. "Too crispy", he said.

I can't help but chuckle. Having been used to dining with my bro, I can't help comparing how different these 2 can be. My bro would have devoured those very crispy bits before anything else.

But I do agree about having battered fish that's not overtly crispy, just like the real deal. I can say that Mad Jack do serve decent battered fish & chips. That and their fries. But I dun really fancy their other offerings though.

I was a tad disappointed. Maybe I ordered the wrong dish. After all, they declared themselves as: "...an upscale, cafe and bistro serving food items representing a blend of Mediterranean origins..."

I ordered the 'Moroccan' tea with hopes of seeing some mint leaves swirling in my cup. I was served with a bag of Dilmah 'Moroccan Mint' in hot water. Riiiiight...!

I must have imagined them to be a mix of those food served at Arab Street fusion-ed with a bit of western influence. Maybe I should have stuck with their more mediterranean offerings. Their sandwiches look pretty promising too.

Maybe when I brought my family here. Cos' my mum's been bugging me so ever since we can't find their Tampines outlet. Just found out they moved to E-Hub @ Downtown East.

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