Wednesday, October 29, 2008

cucus Sirpan III

cucus Sirpan pt III

Yeah, so we still had room for desserts somehow.

Working out a suitable place to go, Natra suggested Island Creamery, having heard of how her friends and even myself had raved bout' their ice-cream.

Much to my delight, of course. For with so many in the group, I'll get the chance to try other flavours that I've been meaning to try, just that I can't resist getting a scoop of Reverse-O everytime and I dun have much belly room to try other flavours.

And with much vengeance, we got 4 sets of double scoops (only $4 ea.), all different flavours. Not forgetting of course, their famed mudpie!

yep, this one here

Almost everyone of us got brain freeze or some kinda cold-attack when eating this. Haha!

And this despite ignoring it for a good 5 mins or so cos' we're all so eager to sample all the other ice-cream flavours we've chosen.

8 scoops of different flavours and the mudpie.

*ahem* pardon my cousins' overzealous sprinkling of the milo powder, there.

(clockwise from left) very berry + cookies & cream, pulot hitam + teh tarik, soursop + reverse-O, ping-pong milo + burnt caramel.

Boy am I SO glad that I finally get to try them. Save for the those laced with alcohol, I more or less tasted all that was on display there.

burnt-caramel & ping-pong milo

I'm a newly converted burnt-caramel fan! Oh, that bitter-sweet taste... And to think that I dislike caramel in general!

'Ping-pong' refers to the small marshmallows in the ice-cream. Marshmallows & milo... Great combi there!

pulot hitam (hot favourite!) & teh tarik

Traditional tastes...

cookies & cream + very berry

geez, I can't believe they even sprinkled milo on these... -_-

I'm also a newly converted very berry fan! Those chunks of fruits in there.... Mmmm....!

Under the milo powder...

I love how both their 'patterns' complement each other.

Like... erm.... siblings. You get me..? Oh well...

fork & knife - NOT!

This was how Ika ate the mud pie. How nicely-mannered of him! Haha!

He actually used the fork & knife method! With that.. that...

What do you call that wooden thing again..??! Oh, you get me.

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