Monday, October 20, 2008

pressie from ruf

post-dated pressie from ruf

This was what Ruf gave me before Shyba & I left her house. Took me by surprise, of course. "Belated birthday present," she said.

Big as it was, yes, I had a pretty trying time carrying it.

Oh you can't imagine trying to pry away the wrapping papers nicely (which I managed) when you're so eager to see what's inside. I felt like a child on Christmas night.

But not as bad as my impatient bro, who sat beside me throughout, and in anguish, insist that I just tear away the wrapping, while I chose to savour the moment as I peel off the sticky tape, one by one.

As I put the box to one side and calmly fold the wrap, my bro gladly took a peek inside. And snickered.

I tot it's because of this.

The wedding edition, no less.

Turns out, it's because of THIS!

What greeted my sight as I took a peek in. Very, very cute, indeed!

I was initially surprised that she gave a toy to a 20-something... *ahem* lady like me.

Turns out, it's an M&M's dispenser! Warrrgh!!!

No wonder she kept asking that night, "How's your gym session going??"

*sneaky, sneaky!*

I woke up in the morning to see the plastic wrapper tossed 'neatly' to one side and my dad was keenly inspecting the supposed 'toy car'.

Curious old boy, he is.

So I opened one packet (the Crispy version, I think) and poured its contents into the compartment at the rear.

Then I realised that there was no manual to tell me just what will dispense the chocolates. So the both of us tried every nook and cranny and I pressed on every surface to see if there's any 'secret' button to activate the contraption.

I then remembered the previous M&M's dispensers that I've encountered at Cocoa Tree and sought to try the arms of the choco-buddies/lovers...

Should have known that the 'thumbs-up' would mean something....

A slight tug downwards and..


Out popped the candies. So happy! We ate chocolates that morning, before any breakfast (my mum didn't know!).

Thank you loads, Ruf!

I decide to place this in the office. All the more fun for us jaded people here. Amuse ourselves a bit while we pop some candies to alleviate our stress (and increase me waistline further!).

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