Thursday, October 16, 2008

cheeze sandwich

cheez-y tuna sandwich

It's already evening and I'm REAALY stressed-up right now in the office. As always, whenever I have a deadline the day after (surprisingly I find time to blog).

And when I'm stressed, I like to indulge. Nothing like something sinful to get me going... Heheh.

I checked out the oh-so-healthy tuna sandwich (ok fine, so there's mayo) I bought during lunch time just now. That ain't gonna appease me. Nooooo.....!

So I rummaged through the office fridge and found some cheese slices (thankfully, not expired yet) , cut one up into small pieces and stuff them in any available space between the bun. Every nook and cranny if it.

Squeezed out some chili, ketchup and pepper, then pop it into the microwave (I want everything, even the sauce to be piping hot!).

The outcome. Cheezy Tuna sandwich.

You won't believe it's actually tuna in there cos' all that can be seen is the (melted) cheese and sauce.

Look at all that cheeese...!

Ok, I have to stop now. The cheese is gonna harden up already... I need it to remain in semi-liquified state so that the piping-hot cheese can ooze onto my tongue when I bite into the sandwich.


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