Friday, October 24, 2008



In all randomness, yeah. Some pics I took from days back.

green orchids

I swear they are not THAT luminiscent through my eyes. Definitely a shade or two paler that how it appear here.

Taken at a place where you can find more orchids than anywhere else but the botanic gardens or orchid nursery itself.

Yup, Changi Airport.

I was keen to take a pic of the peacock floral formation at T1 but some eager Indian nationals were already forming a line to take photos with it so I just walked away.

5mins x 7 families... Will be another 1/2 hour before I get my shot.

Besides, that was meant to commemorate the upcoming Deepavali celebrations so they rightfully should have that chance.


This one here was simply pepperoni & tomatoes. Will do.

Reminded me of the pizza flavour that is currently my favourite: Meat Lovers . All that meat! And cheese! For that, it never matter if I ordered from Pizza Hut, Canadian, Rites, Sarpinos or Pizza de France.

Talk of pizza companies, in your opinion, which one of these Halal joints serve the best pizza (delivery)? I'll go for Sarpinos. They are almost as authentic as quick mediterranean food gets. Albeit a little more pricey than the others. My favourite pizza from them, surprisingly is the vegan option: The Presto Veggie.

Had this at Nadia's place the the other day. She got sick that day so we weren't able to taste her cooking... She ordered this for us instead.

Unfortunately, Ruf is allergic to cheese to I got them pizzas for myself! HAha! Too bad, these stuff are so filling, I can only take 2, at most.


Alas, this one here is as dry as how it appear. Definitely lacking the cheese.

sweet chili potato crisp

I LOVE this. So does the rest of my family. This is a pretty common Javanese dish, eaten as a side dish with rice, much similar to the Korean banchan.

There are many variants to this. Most often we've seen the version where they have the thinly sliced tempeh, ikan bilis (anchovies) + peanuts, dried fish etc, all deep fried till really crispy then mixed together with the chili paste and fried together till every bit is well-coated .

This one here was prepared by a realtive from Belakang Padang. I do not know how she managed to slice the potatoes so thinly. You can see how translucent it got after being fried. From what I recall, they do not posess the mandolin slicer. Amazing!

Those dark brown bits you see are onions and the red ones are obviously chili. Chili padi (bird's eye chili), to be exact, which are fried in the process of making the chili sauce. These are really crispy to the bite just like the potatoes.

I took joy in including this with almost everything that I ate, from the basic white rice to fried noodles but the best partner would have been fried rice. Such delish!

My bro, the first time he ate this, he had them sandwiched between slices of white bread till he ran out of them (the bread).

He, of course will carefully pick out the chili bits and return them into the container, leaving me with more of them with my every bite. Biting into them the first few times is fine but I soon reach for the glass of water as they got more fiery.

Given the rate that my bro and I consume this, it won't be long before we run out of this. Uwaahhh!

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