Monday, October 27, 2008

cucus Sirpan I

cucus Sirpan pt I

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I can't believe that after all this time, only NOW did we finally manage to go on a casual outing together - without our parents in tow!

I mean, I've been out with Yan & his siblings or with Suzy and Effy, albeit separately.

Even though the presence of our brothers, i.e Yan & my bro was sorely missed, we still had fun, with or without them.

And we sure made full use of our time together. Natra could only make it for dinner due to school commitments that afternoon. Meanwhile, Suzy & her beau, Han + Effy & me, we went on to watch The Coffin.

That proved to be a pretty hilarious affair, what with Suzy screaming at one point and Effy dropped quite a number of popcorn kernels down into her top.

More hilarity ensued when Ika & Natra finally joined us for dinner (pics coming next).

And Natra, remember the silly moment in the PS carpark, pretending to do something else because we had no intention to drive off first DESPITE the fact that there's another vehicle already waiting for our lot? Cos' we wanna wait for Suzy, that why.

And the best part?

We forgot that Han had rented a car and we meanwhile, were keeping a lookout for the blue van that Han usually drives. When their car actually passed us ALREADY. Cos' I've told them the wrong level that I parked at. Me, the bumbling doof that I am.

To think that we still have room for dessert and Natra had wanted to try Island Creamery at Serene Centre, since her friends and I have been raving so much bout' their ice-cream.

And lastly, to East Coast for bowling. We got the very last lane and THANK GOODNESS for that! Despite the noise from the knocking down of pins and endless chatter from others, the noise from our group still reigned over the din.

You should hear the THUD! that comes with everytime Ika bowls. Scaaary....!

And only at 1230+++am did we finally part. Oh wow!

We reeeeallly should do this again, you know... I'll try to get my bro and that-certain-someone to come along, then.

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